What to ask auto transport broker before hiring them?

Transporting your car through a car transport company is a better way to transfer a vehicle across the state safely. This will make the car transfer a lot easier. Almost all car transport companies have their trained staff and various resources. So they have proper knowledge of transporting the car interstate.

But the question is about finding the right shipping company. How can you find the right auto transport company? The best way is to look at the reputation of a company. You can ask different questions from them and then land on the one that fits your demands and budget.

You might wonder what to ask your auto shipping company before hiring them. So, here are a few questions that you can ask to select the best interstate car transportation company.

Are you a broker, carrier, or auto Transport Company?

If you find a transport company, then without any hesitation, you should clear out if they are a broker, a carrier, or a transport company. Brokers and carriers have different priorities. Brokers contact the carriers and then make the shipping, so their customers are their priority. Carriers are the ones that own the trucks and carriers for shipment, so their priority is shipping the item. So you can select any of them based on your demands.

Is your company registered?

This is the first thing you should know about the company you’d like to hire. This is because any shipping company that crosses the border must be registered with the transport department. They should be able to provide you with their DOT number.

For the cars shipped across the states, there is a motor carrier number you must confirm on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website. Another thing is to ensure the company’s registration with the Federal Maritime Commission for interstate car shipping.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Different car transport companies have different rates. The best choice is to select a suitable car transport company with a decent reputation so that you have a transparent cost of service.

Searching the heck out and finding a decent and cheap shipping company is captivating, but you will get what you paid for in the end. Certain things are more important than price when you select a shipping company.

Do you offer a free, no-obligation quote?

This question can confirm if the company is fake or real. All the actual companies have free car shipping quotes on their website. The ones with such quotes are fake; you should look elsewhere. Ensure that the quotes don’t require personal detail and are 100% no obligation.

Why are you the best company to go with?

There are many auto companies that you can opt for, but it is all about selecting the right one. No doubt all the companies have similar core terms and serve a common industry, but they must be able to tell you what their specialty is and why you should opt for them instead of others.

This is necessary because you should ship with a sound track of reviews and ensure the vehicle’s safe transport. They must be able to provide solid proof of their claims, and you must read the customers’ reviews before hiring.

Does the Quote Include Everything?

Who doesn’t like surprises? Everyone loves to get extra from a surprise, but not when it is in the form of additional car transport expenses. You should ask the agent to be apparent if the quote includes everything because, in the other case, this can cost you a lot in the end.

Many murky quotes have hidden charges, so you should always confirm that. You can confirm it by directly asking the company about the list of things their quote covers. This will provide you with all the charges that you will do. If you find some extra charges, please don’t hesitate to ask about them.

Would you happen to have references that I can speak to?

This is the way you can get an honest review of the company. All the ratings and reviews on the website can be manipulated. So you can ask the company for a testimonial or any previous customer contact who can give you an honest review about everything regarding the shipment and the experience with the company.

What documents do honestly review

Please feel free to ask the company for the documentation they need. The car’s legal shipment across the state would require legal documents like registration numbers and insurance documents. Ensure you gather all the documents so you don’t have any chance of falling into the wrong hand or thieves instead of shippers. Legit companies will always require some original documents.

What are the payment arrangements?

All the companies have their methods of payment. Some can ask for the amount upfront, and others can ask you to deposit it and then balance it on the delivery. You can make sure by asking the company how they will proceed with the payment. Also, remember to confirm if they want the amount in cheque or cash.

What Happens If a Car Is Damaged During Shipping?

Accidents happen, and regardless of researching the best auto transport companies on Transport Reviews, sometimes it’s unavoidable. A good shipping company will help you work with the carrier and the insurance company and emphasize the importance of signing and reporting any damages on the Bill Of Lading on the day of delivery. A bad one will blame you for a faulty car. So it is advised to go with top-rated transport companies. You can just ask the company this question and make sure about it if you don’t mind. Always choose the company that ensures the maximum safety of the car.

Wrapping up:

Before shipping, make sure that you clean up your car thoroughly and remove any unnecessary items from it.  You should confirm the company’s reliability by asking the above questions. There are thousands of companies with different policies, so select the right one by asking professional queries and ensuring you hand over your vehicle to the right hands. Happy shipping!

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