We are a company that provides the trucks, facilities, and services for the actual transport of vehicles.

There are two basic types of auto transport carriers: the private carriers and the for-hire carriers. Lots of people fail to understand how they can take their cars along with them.

But recently with the advent of the auto transport companies, things have become so easier. Brookwide takes the complete responsibility to take your vehicle from your door and drop to the destination. Transportation may happen within the city, state, region, country, or between nations. Doing this is no easy task since one can’t drive all throughout the trip. If you are in search of a company to ship your car, then You are in the right place. Brookwide offers this type of service but the differences between us are the price and service. It is important for you to check the charges being taken for the car shipping by other auto transport companies. You can compare the prices of different transporter companies and their charges for the shipping being charged.

You can select a suitable offer through this process and can ensure the safe shipping of your car. In the transport industry, the Carrier refers to the actual party involved in the physical transport of your vehicle or freight. Not all companies are made equally. The service and price which is offered by Brookwide are certainly enticing, especially if you have become tired of dealing with auto transport brokers that overcharge, and undercharge and never pick up your vehicle. You can reduce costs and problems by selecting the right company yourself after careful research.

If you are going to hire a transport company the first and foremost point when you go to get auto transport is to check the credentials of the company. What is the company’s past record in the service and how do they respond to the accident claims? You also may ask for details on these questions from the company’s professionals who can guide you in a better way. Once you are sure about the company’s credentials then you can give a go-ahead to your car shipping program and can relax about the safe delivery of your car. The next important thing is to ask about the prices of transportation. Different companies charge different prices for car shipping.

After all the major things, you should also be careful while finalizing the pickup and delivery dates. Always ask for tentative dates before giving your car for the shipping. It will help you in making other related arrangements in advance. You may consider having your vehicle shipped to numerous destinations. Some of the biggest customers of car shipping are dealers who need to move cars from one lot to the next, or to buying customers. Business owners sometimes use vehicle shipping services to move service cars to a branch in different town.

Often, vehicle shipping customers are private parties moving a long distance and don’t have the time to drive far, or they would prefer not to put a heavy number of miles on their vehicle. Most of the time, a person’s home marks their most significant investment. It’s not uncommon that their vehicle might be the second most. In any case, your car requires care and you need an auto shipping company you can trust.

Our Core Values

Our goal is to help make auto transport easy, providing instant quotes that compare transporters and shipping rates at a click of a button. We offer many shipping options, giving our customers solutions to all their shipping needs.