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    Ric Flair
    Ric Flair
    My first experience with auto shipping and I am very happy with Brookwide. They talked me through the whole thing, and just kept me up to date constantly. The whole booking procedure was so simple, I truly did expect auto shipping to be much more difficult. I will definitely use their service in the future if I need my car transported somewhere.
    Stephanie Orton
    Stephanie Orton
    I have used Brookwide twice now and both times I was very satisfied with the service they provided. Their driver was also great, willing to meet me where I wanted and was comfortable with (I live in a non truck route area). Just stunned with how easy the whole process was.
    Sharell J
    Sharell J
    Pick up and delivery happened when they told me it would. The car was also delivered in mint condition. Just because of how easy it was to deal with this company, I will surely use them again.
    Zack Calvin
    Zack Calvin
    Only company that was able to get me same day service. Will definitely use again
    Josh Alister
    Josh Alister
    I was so impressed with the way Brookwide handled my shipment. Absolutely professional from the start. Did exactly what they promised and now I have my car back! I would recommend Brookwide to anyone.
    Hasranga Uddana
    Hasranga Uddana
    I originally chose a different company to go with. I signed the contract and even gave them a deposit. Then after a week and a half of jotty phone calls & still no driver I decided to cancel. Brookwide had my car picked up in 1 day. What a waste of time, should have called them sooner!
    Randal Jackson
    Randal Jackson
    Shipping my truck was a 5 star experience with this company. I contacted them on Friday for an 850 mile off route transport. Within a couple of hours I was contracted, and the vehicle was picked up the following day, then delivered on Sunday. I will be using them again.
    My oldest son who is in the Military is constantly being moved all around. My family and I usually arrange to drive his vehicle wherever he is, but this time no one was available for a few day trip. Luckily Brookwide provided such a reasonable price and were able to deliver his car faster than anyone else offered.
    Jack Kales
    Jack Kales
    Brookwide efficiently handled my truck’s transport from Portland to Idaho. They just made everything feel so smooth and fast. If you choose Brookwide, they will definitely take care of you.
    Mathew Hadden
    Mathew Hadden
    Absolutely amazing service. Frank was great from the start. Answered every question I had and reached out anytime he had an update.

    Nationwide Vehicle Transport

    We are experts in the state-to-state transport of vehicles.

    Automobile shipping that gets your vehicles from A to B fast – without any issue.

    What is Cross- Country Vehicle Shipping?

    Are you looking to ship a car to another state? Cross-Country Vehicle Shipping is a service that specializes in transporting your valuable vehicles across the interstate to their final destination. Whatever car size, and wherever it needs to go, we can get it there as fast and efficiently as possible. Better yet, we will take care of all the paperwork in between.

    One of the biggest concerns about moving, car sales, or the general need for vehicle transport is protecting the asset. We understand all these worries, and ventured into one of the most revered transportation services in the country. Our professionals are veteran shippers that ensure your cars receive the tender, love, and care expected, getting them to their locales in pristine condition.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    Automobile shipping and cross-country towing is a little expensive service as compared to other services, however, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the business. Our understanding of the logistics of vehicle transport allows us to refine our processes. We cut down the time and expenditure required for travel. Yet, offering maximum safety and security for your cars.

    Shipping a car price varies according to the distance, number of cars, special conditions (such as boat transport), and vehicle size. Our customer support team is always on hand to discuss any requirements you have for state-to-state transport. We’ll be able to get you a very affordable price – safely bringing your cars to their intended locality.

    What’s the Best Way to Ship?

    We assure our customers a sublime service when transporting their vehicles across the country. Our drivers have spent years ensuring the safe arrival of some of the most valued assets. Through experience, we have created a step-by-step process and applied it to every assignment. Our procedure to ship cars to another state is below:

    1. Relay the destination you want your vehicles to go
    2. Let us know the dates you’d like your cars picked up and when you prefer they arrive
    3. We will give you a quote for the automobile shipping
    4. Once accepted, we’ll organize the logistics and address any necessary paperwork for the state to state transport
    5. We will send the pick-up and delivery schedule to you
    6. Our professional drivers will collect your vehicles and take them to their chosen destination
    7. We deliver your car safely in the preferred timeframe

    Factors to Consider

    When organizing your vehicle’s transportation with us, we kindly request consideration for the following factors to ensure a seamless shipping experience. We reiterate that all of our drivers are fully qualified and licensed professionals. They are considered some of the finest logistics experts in the nation.


    To ensure the process runs smoothly, it’s always best to book your transportation dates as far in advance as possible. We understand there may be a need for quick turnarounds, but this can affect the quote.

    Transport Type

    We always opt for the most budget-friendly options when providing our quotes. The standard transport type will be a multi-story truck. However, if you have specialized requirements for automobile shipping, we are happy to accommodate.


    We convey that cross-country towing of vehicles can take an estimated two weeks as a standard. Should you require faster shipping times, please contact our customer support team to discuss.


    In the interest of competitive rates for our customers, our transports do not have tracking mechanisms. Our support team is in regular communique with our drivers throughout the journey, however. You can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your vehicles whenever you wish.


    There’s a reason why we are the most reliable state-to-state transport service in the country. We only use the most professional drivers and knowledgeable team members to carry out our expert logistical services.


    We know how to ship a car to another state. Our business has spent years in successfully transporting vehicles to the far and long reaches of the country. You won’t find a logistics venture more experienced than ourselves.

    Auto Transport Checklist

    Take advantage of our free transport checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything along your way.

    Download Checklist

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