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Welcome to the one-stop solution for all your vehicle shipping needs! We understand how daunting it can be to entrust your precious vehicle to someone else for transportation. That's why we at Auto Transport Broker Services are here to make the process smooth, easy, and reliable. Our professional team of experts ensures top-notch service for your vehicle using top-rated carriers you can trust.

Our Auto Transport Services

Open Car Transport

Our Open Car Transport service provides a cost-effective and efficient way to ship your vehicle. With this option, your car will be transported using open carriers designed to carry multiple vehicles simultaneously. It's ideal for shipping all vehicle types, from daily drivers to collector cars. Open car transport offers quick pick-up and delivery at an affordable cost.

Enclosed Car Transport

Our Enclosed Car Transport service is the perfect solution when you need extra protection for your classic, luxury, or exotic vehicle. Your vehicle will be shipped in a fully enclosed trailer that protects it from weather elements, debris, and dust.

Why Choose Us for Your Vehicle Shipping Needs?

  • No Hidden Fees: Our pricing is transparent, and we provide precise, detailed quotes upfront – no surprises!
  • Easy Damage Claims Assistance: In the unlikely event of any damage to your vehicle during transport, our team will promptly help you through the claims process.
  • Affordable Cost: We offer competitive pricing to ensure you receive the best value for your money.
  • Top Rated Carriers: Carefully selected high-rated, licensed, and insured carriers for more reliable transport.
  • Always Transparent: From your first quote to the final delivery, we maintain clear communication to keep you informed throughout the process.

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Contact us for a personalized shipping solution that meets your vehicle transport needs. Call us at (646) 807-4420 and let our dedicated team assist you with everything from selecting exemplary service to managing the pick-up and delivery of your vehicle.

Experience the ultimate convenience and peace of mind when you choose Auto Transport Broker Services for your vehicle shipping needs. Let's get your vehicle safely to its destination!

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Brookwide is your Reliable Nationwide Auto Transport Broker

  • Affordability: We provide competitive pricing for our comprehensive range of auto transport services.
  • Customer Focus: Our customers are our top priority, and we are dedicated to creating a positive and memorable experience for them.
  • Integrity: We conduct our business with honesty, trust, and transparency, maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Timeliness: We prioritize punctuality and efficiency in delivering exceptional, reliable services to our clients.
  • Professionalism: Our team upholds the highest standards of expertise and knowledge, ensuring consistent quality in all aspects of our work.
  • Reliability: We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations.
  • Transparency: We ensure open and candid communication with our clients throughout the transportation process.

Open Car Transport

This type of open-air transport involves loading your vehicle onto a multi-car carrier with other cars, making it a cost-effective solution. Our skilled team ensures that your vehicle is transported safely and efficiently to its destination.

Enclosed Transport

This type of transport offers a closed and protected environment for your vehicle, safeguarding it from potential damage caused by weather or road debris. This is typically a more expensive option compared to open-car trailers

Oversized Transport

Brookwide offers quality and comprehensive oversize load transportation services. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have built our reputation on trustworthiness

Oversized Transport

Brookwide offers quality and comprehensive oversize load transportation services. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have built our reputation on trustworthiness