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    Auto Transport Services

    Brookwide is a nationwide auto transport company that offers door-to-door shipping services. We specialize in open car carrier shipping and enclosed auto transport services for customers across the country

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    We understand there are many different needs when it comes to auto transport services, and we’re here to offer a personalized experience. We offer services for Open Car Carrier Shipping, Enclosed Auto Transport, and Terminal to Terminal Shipping for trucks, cars, and SUVs.

    We can ship B2B (business to business), auto dealerships, homes, or any destination you need. Need an Exotic or Luxury Car shipped? Our high-end transport service will exceed your expectations.

    Open Car Carrier Shipping Option

    In general, open-air transport means that the vehicle is laden onto a multi-car carrier to be shipped along with other cars. You might have seen those transport trucks packed with vehicles, and that is what open-air car shipping is! Most of the time, those cars are going to a dealership. It is possible to ship a single vehicle on a flatbed truck with open-air car shipping, but it is usually more expensive to do so.

    Open-air car shipping is one of the most affordable and popular methods of moving a vehicle to a needed location, however, if weather, road debris, or other potential issues are a concern, the customer may prefer to have the peace of mind that complete protection with enclosed transport offers.

    Enclosed Auto Transport Services

    Enclosed transport offers the best protection for the best rate. Enclosed transport offers protection from the elements to keep your vehicle safe. The auto transport industry has 2 kinds of enclosed shipping methods: hard-sided and soft-sided.

    Hard-sided enclosed transport is what we recommend for that extra layer of protection. If you’re worried that road hazards or volatile weather could be an issue, hard-sided enclosed transport is the ideal option for you. Weather and travel conditions will be ruled out as your vehicle is safe and blocked off from the outside. Another advantage of hard-sided enclosed transport is that your vehicle stays hidden from wandering eyes.

    Vinyl or canvas is used to shield and cover vehicles in soft-sided enclosed transport and offers limited protection against weather and road hazards—still more protection than open-air shipping offers. Wind, rain, and small rocks will be prevented from damaging your vehicle with soft-sided enclosed transport.

    Exotic and Luxury Cars

    For those who want their high-end luxury or exotic cars shipped with the maximum care, and want their vehicles to arrive in the same pristine condition it left in, we have the expertise to meet all their needs. With us, you can rest easy knowing that we will accomplish this for you.

    You can request to have your vehicle loaded into the first place in the trailer. It will ensure that your vehicle does not have to deal with loading or unloading as other vehicles are added to the transport.

    Door to Door Auto Transport

    While more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping, door-to-door auto transport is a time saver—especially when transporting a vehicle across the country.

    Door-to-door shipping offers the customer convenience of us picking up your vehicle and dropping it off at the location specified by you.

    There may be circumstances that prevent a driver from reaching a specific location, such as apartment complexes, unsafe roads, or roads with low-hanging tree branches. If an issue were to arise, our drivers would be happy to meet you at a location that is nearest and most convenient for you.

    Terminal to Terminal Shipping

    Known as the industry standard for transporting vehicles, terminal-to-terminal shipping requires customers to drop off and pick up their vehicle from a terminal or depot.

    Of all services listed, open-air terminal-to-terminal shipping is the most cost-effective method available for customers.

    We have terminals all over because we are dedicated to our customers. If the event were to arise that a terminal is not in a convenient location, we also offer door-to-door transport.

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