Why Transporting Your Car by Train May Not Be the Best Idea

Here’s why transporting your car by rail may not be the brightest idea

5 reasons why you may want to consider hiring an auto shipping carrier

It is no wonder why people tend to get apprehensive about getting solutions for their cars — and why shouldn’t you? For most people, perhaps, including yourself, the vehicle is one of their most prized investments after their home. While for some others, their car is probably the most precious. This explains why transporting a private or business-owned vehicle requires due diligence, from pick-up to delivery, with no assumptions!

Here are 5 (five) reasons why shipping your car by train may not be the brightest idea after all:

Defined/inflexible transport route

With bus shuttles and train transportation available for day-to-day transport. Isn’t the whole essence of owning a car hinged upon its flexibility and comforts, among other excellent benefits? A direct contrast to what you don’t get when your car gets shipped to you by rail, mainly if the destination (your home or office) is not situated along the rail line. This would, therefore, mean that you are left stranded or left with fewer options on how and when your vehicle gets transported by a secondary vehicle moving company. 

Privately owned vehicles are not transported by train

Trains ship publicly owned vehicles only! Yes! You read that correctly!! And as popular as it may sound, some are entirely oblivious to this fact. Chances are the train auto-shipping service may need to be willing or able to help you; since your vehicle is privately owned.

Auto transport by train takes a significant amount of time

Imagine that you find a rail transport solution for your car capable of transporting your vehicle to your chosen destination. You may want to see whether you are willing to wait but the time would take for your car to arrive. This is particularly so because of the routine stops at particular stations or the railroad switches the trains must make as they travel. A factor that may prolong the train’s travel time and, by implication, result in an extended delivery delay of your car. A trusted auto-shipping carrier via truck, on the other hand, may only require a maximum of two stops a day and would certainly get your vehicle delivered to you in record time.

Car movers are often required to get the vehicle delivered to your location

Unless your house is situated around the train station or terminal, you may still require the services of a car carrier’s vehicle to help unload your vehicle from the train and then load it onto their truck for safe delivery to a designated terminal or proper at your doorstep. This could imply an additional and probably more expensive cost than if you had hired the auto-shipping company to take care of the entire logistics from the original pick-up to delivery.

You are restricted from keeping any personal items in auto transport by train

This is one of the most significant drawbacks of car transportation by train. Although auto shipping carriers generally discourage keeping too many personal items inside the car while in transit because they fear that the items could cause damage to the car’s interior. You may still enjoy placing a few things inside the car, especially if they are adequately secured, and the weight is within the prescribed range.


Interesting as it may sound, one of the most popular reasons people favor shipping their cars by rail is that the train can convey several vehicles at a time with relatively the amount of fuel consumption by train compared to using trucks for the conveyance. This often leads to the assumption that their cost of transportation may be significantly reduced. This, however, may only be partially true, especially when one considers other factors such as those above and more!

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