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Shipping a vehicle is not a piece of cake because one must invest heavily to ensure the vehicle reaches the right platform. People moving from one state to another must understand the importance of safely moving essentials. One needs to consider several factors before deciding to transport a vehicle.

You may have to consult with agents to get the complete picture, but a few things are in your control. You may want to lower the shipment costs, and we are explaining some ways to help you achieve the goal.


The Best Way to Ship Vehicles Cheaply

We have listed some ways through which it’s possible to lower the cost of shipping vehicles.

Flexible Dates

The cost of shipping will always be in your favor if you are flexible with the dates. During crunch time, the transporting cost will be higher than when you are not in an emergency. At the time of booking the vehicle, you have to specify pick-up and drop-off dates. This factor plays an essential role in deciding the rates you have to pay. A company will always provide you with discounted rates when they have no pressure, and they can pick according to the schedule. It will always favor you.


Terminal Carriers

Learn about the terminal carriers of where you are about to shift. Some of the carriers drop vehicles at the terminals, and the customer has to pick them up. This will reduce the cost of the “delivery at the door” service, and you can save a good amount. It is advisable to quickly pick up the vehicle as soon as the carrier drops, or else they charge a storage fee from the customer. Before you avail of this service, know about the prominent locations of the terminal to reach the place on time.

Auto Broker

If you are unsatisfied with the other companies offering transportation but want to avoid risking the vehicle, an auto broker is the best option. They are responsible for safely shipping the car to the correct location without asking for a hefty amount. Anyone can afford their services and will be satisfied with their safety. It would help to research the broker’s reputation before approving their offer. Always ensure that your vehicle is safe and there are no hidden terms and conditions at the time of the booking slot.


Slow Seasons

If you want to save some amount from the shipping process, then always choose the off-season. June and August are considered the busiest months due to vacations and how people enjoy summer in different places. In this case, you have to plan the schedule and research the rates. If you choose a month such as January, then charges will be much lower, and you can avail of great deals. Always choose the slow months for this purpose, and you will see the visible difference in service charges of different companies.


Open Transport Carriers

Some people with antique and luxurious cars worry about protection and choose closed carriers. Closed carriers cost more than open ones, which are safe and affordable. You can save a handsome amount on shipping by choosing an open transport carrier and saving 50% of your cost. Open carriers are also safe for luxurious cars, and the staff is responsible for shipping your vehicle to a location without a scratch. You can research open and closed carriers properly and compare the price difference.


Proper Condition

If your car is not in running condition, it may cost you more due to the effort by staff to get it on the carrier. When it comes to making the shipping of vehicles affordable, it’s essential to keep the car in running condition to make the process simple. The special equipment the company uses to lift the car on the carrier is costly, resulting in inexpensive shipping. The condition of the car should be up to the mark if it’s urgent to drop it at some location.


Drive a Car

If you are moving somewhere in the state, driving a car to the location in a few days is easy. It will save you the shipping amount, and you only have to invest in fuel. If you are not in favor of paying an amount to the agents for shipping your vehicle, then drive the car and make the journey memorable. The fuel and food depend on the distance of the location where you are moving with the vehicle. It’s easy to drive a car, but it may not be possible for a motorbike to drive to another city. You can also ask any of your family members for this purpose.

Tow a Vehicle

Another cheapest option to consider for moving a vehicle is hiring a truck to tow a car. This method involves risk because it can damage the car’s internal parts, and its appearance will be affected. You have to pay the rent to the truck for towing it, but results are not guaranteed. Usually, highways are busy, and there are more suitable options to hire a tow truck. This may apply when your car is not in a running position and, later, you will invest in its repair.


It’s a total headache when you have to move all the home essentials to another place, but it’s chaos when it comes to a car. People often find these services expensive and way out of their league. In this case, do your research, ask for multiple quotes, and choose the best deal for your car. Safety must be your primary concern.

Only sometimes go for the cheap rates once you are satisfied with the reputation and staff of the company that is taking responsibility for shipping. The vehicle should move quickly to the desired location without getting damaged. This whole process must be worth your money and time.

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