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    Ric Flair
    Ric Flair
    My first experience with auto shipping and I am very happy with Brookwide. They talked me through the whole thing, and just kept me up to date constantly. The whole booking procedure was so simple, I truly did expect auto shipping to be much more difficult. I will definitely use their service in the future if I need my car transported somewhere.
    Stephanie Orton
    Stephanie Orton
    I have used Brookwide twice now and both times I was very satisfied with the service they provided. Their driver was also great, willing to meet me where I wanted and was comfortable with (I live in a non truck route area). Just stunned with how easy the whole process was.
    Sharell J
    Sharell J
    Pick up and delivery happened when they told me it would. The car was also delivered in mint condition. Just because of how easy it was to deal with this company, I will surely use them again.
    Zack Calvin
    Zack Calvin
    Only company that was able to get me same day service. Will definitely use again
    Josh Alister
    Josh Alister
    I was so impressed with the way Brookwide handled my shipment. Absolutely professional from the start. Did exactly what they promised and now I have my car back! I would recommend Brookwide to anyone.
    Hasranga Uddana
    Hasranga Uddana
    I originally chose a different company to go with. I signed the contract and even gave them a deposit. Then after a week and a half of jotty phone calls & still no driver I decided to cancel. Brookwide had my car picked up in 1 day. What a waste of time, should have called them sooner!
    Randal Jackson
    Randal Jackson
    Shipping my truck was a 5 star experience with this company. I contacted them on Friday for an 850 mile off route transport. Within a couple of hours I was contracted, and the vehicle was picked up the following day, then delivered on Sunday. I will be using them again.
    My oldest son who is in the Military is constantly being moved all around. My family and I usually arrange to drive his vehicle wherever he is, but this time no one was available for a few day trip. Luckily Brookwide provided such a reasonable price and were able to deliver his car faster than anyone else offered.
    Jack Kales
    Jack Kales
    Brookwide efficiently handled my truck’s transport from Portland to Idaho. They just made everything feel so smooth and fast. If you choose Brookwide, they will definitely take care of you.
    Mathew Hadden
    Mathew Hadden
    Absolutely amazing service. Frank was great from the start. Answered every question I had and reached out anytime he had an update.

    Alaska Auto Transport

    Alaska Auto Transport

    What’s in Alaska?

    This state is a great place to visit if you are looking for beautiful scenery and a wonderful place to live if you’re searching for an affordable place to call home. The cost of living in Alaska is much lower than in most other states, with housing costs being especially inexpensive. Subsequently a lot of people are looking into Alaska moving. Moreover, you’ll also enjoy plenty of outdoor activities in Alaska’s unspoiled wilderness areas, and find the locals to be warm and welcoming. There are plenty of job opportunities in Alaska across a wide range of industries, and the weather is mild compared to many other parts of the country. All and all, Alaska is known for the lower cost of living, healthy lifestyle, large community of outdoors enthusiasts, and stunning scenery. Everyday people are in search for Alaska auto transport, and we are here to help!

    Alaska Auto Transport: What does it entail?

    Are you looking for the best car shipping company to and from Alaska? Brookwide Inc is one of the best car transporting companies in the United States that guarantees you good services and safe delivery of your car. You will get transparent services that is highly dependable. Besides, Brookwide’s success history has greatly preserved the good reputation it has with all its clients and other companies as well. Just fill out a quote form on our website and you will receive a no-obligation quote.

    We specialize in Alaska auto transport, and work with a network of carriers/shippers that only car transport in and out of Alaska, which gives us the ability to provide competitive pricing. Our staff is experienced in vehicle shipping and give their full attention on all vehicles to ensure your car is delivered safely. Equally important, we have agents that are trained Alaska auto transport professionals who will guide you during the entire process. Whether you need to transport a car to or from Alaska and the continental USA, we have you covered.

    Alaska Auto Transport: Alaska to Alaska

    If you are located anywhere in Alaska, and need shipping within the state, we specialize in Alaska car shipping and are more than happy to assist you!

    Enclosed auto carrier: Looking to ship a luxury, exotic or classic car, this is the perfect option for you! With an enclosed auto carrier transport, your vehicle is loaded into a closed container, which will keep the car both protected and shielded during the entire transport. Usually, the enclosed carrier is a little more expensive and less available, resulting in longer transit times. When needing to ship via enclosed auto transport, make sure to plan in advanced.

    Open auto carrier: The more popular option, an open auto transport carrier is typically readily available and less expensive. They are perfect for all of your Alaska auto shipping needs. With this option your car is loaded onto an open carrier, which usually ships about 7-10 cars. Although scratches or light cracking on the window/windshield can occur, it’s highly unlikely. The reason open auto carrier is more popular because it’s no riskier than driving the car on the road yourself. It’s safer via the open carrier because the trailer consists of beams that are meant to reflect objects.

    Pricing can vary depending on the type of vehicle, weight, distance and services needed. Transit time are dependent on the same things too. Reach out for your personalized quote today!

    Alaska Auto Transport: to/from Alaska/Continental USA

    If you are transporting to Alaska, it’s best to use a shipping company to assist you. Before you start considering driving to Alaska from Seattle, think about the hassle the distance, weather conditions and added mileage and potential damages that may cause your car. we can pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the continental U.S. Our dedicated shippers located in the port of Kent, Washington are always available for a safe and reliable delivery right to the port of Anchorage, Alaska. Regardless of whether you are shipping a truck, car, motorcycle, SUV or heavy equipment, we can pick it up and have it delivered. Once it makes it to the port of Anchorage, Alaska, you have the option to either pick it up or have it delivered right to your doorstep! Depending on your budget and what’s convenient, we work with all our customers, so their needs are always met.

    If you have a car or heavy equipment in Alaska that you need to get to the continental U.S., we can have the car picked up from anywhere in Alaska and have it delivered to the port of Anchorage. From there, through our trusted shippers, we have it delivered to Kent, Washington and then brought to whatever address you need. The option to pick it up from the port is also usually available. Depending on your location, don’t forget to ask which options are available to you.

    Alaska Transport Checklist

    • First, make sure to clean your vehicle of all items. Ports are very strict about shipping anything aside from spare tires.
    • Second, the vehicle needs to be both registered and plated in any U.S. state.
    • Third, Gas tank should be no more than a quarter tank full.
    • We recommend that you clean, and take photos of your vehicle before the shipment, which will become handy when inspecting the car upon delivery.
    • In addition, we also recommend that you disconnect the alarm if possible. Since the transit time is on the longer side, it increases like likelihood of the alarm being triggered as some are more sensitive than others. If anything triggers the alarm, it may result in a drained battery.
    • Lastly, arrange ahead of time with whom will be picking up the vehicle and provide these details to your agent. The car will only be released to the name provided.

    Price/transit time: Alaska Auto Transport: To/from


    There are multiple factors that affect the price of shipping to Alaska. As stated earlier, we usually ship out from Kent, Washington. One factor which will affect the pricing, is how far you are located from this area and what transporting services do you need to get there. A rough estimation for shipping to Alaska from Washington via cargo ship ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the size and weight of the car and what services you need. The same goes for shipping from Alaska to Washington. In addition, fuel prices during the time of shipping, time of year and weather conditions typically also affect the pricing. Furthermore, we can also offer truck and air cargo shipping, but unfortunately these options are on the much more expensive side. Via truck, pricing can range from $2,000-$4,000 and via air it can be anywhere from $5,000 – $8,000. Depending on your situation, our agents will provide a customized quote that fits your exact needs and nothing extra.

    Transit time:

    Similar to pricing, there are certain fixtures, which will affect how long the shipment will take. Transporting using an Alaska barge, which is the most popular mode of transportation, takes about 2 weeks for your vehicle to arrive in Alaska and vice versa. Depending on how far you are located from the port will also affect the transit time. Furthermore, the weather during the time of shipment as well as time of year which you choose to ship your car, will also influence how long it will take. If shipping a car to or from Alaska, try planning ahead!

    Brookwide Inc Auto Transport

    Regardless of the reason why you are relocating, it’s pretty clear that the cheapest way to ship car to Alaska and vice versa is through a shipping company. We ensure that we can safely handle all of your Alaska car transport needs at the best rate you can find. Alaska auto shipping doesn’t need to be a headache, as we understand how valuable your vehicle is to you. Which is why we pride ourselves on having a trained organized staff whose main goal is to maintain a positive relationships with all of our customers and the best carriers in the industry. We don’t only provide great service, but also try our best to keep our customers informed and knowledgeable so they can be confident in their experience.

    For most, Alaska auto transport is not something people do often, and that’s why we guarantee we will assist you from the beginning up until the very end. Our agents work around the clock to make sure all shipments go smoothly so you don’t have to. Finally, now that you have a better understanding how Alaska car shipping works, you are in a better position to make a decision that suits you best. Good Luck!

    Auto Transport Checklist

    Take advantage of our free transport checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything along your way.

    Download Checklist

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