Heavy Equipment Hauling

On The Hunt For Heavy Equipment Hauling Near Me?

You can keep your projects on track by partnering with Brookwide Inc, which has a network of a trusted heavy haul trucking company that consistently delivers on time, wherever you are in the United States. At Brookwide Inc, we have the equipment, skill, and experience required to handle all your equipment shipping needs correctly. We also have agents that work around the clock to assist you throughout the process.

What Can Our Equipment Hauling Company Do For You?

We pride ourselves on providing trouble-free transparent service, making it easy for you to manage your freight. We work with the best tools in the industry, which has your load posted on all the powerful platforms instantaneously to only the highest-rated transporters. Our agents give you all the necessary information and contact details so you can track your delivery in real-time. We also are okay with handling the complete service for you. We know that sometimes people work within a strict time frame and don’t have the time to track the freight themselves. That’s why we only hire agents who are logistic professionals that will handle all of the shipping details. Customer service is our top priority.

Get Your Freight In Mint Condition

Our onsite equipment hauling team has the experience and expertise to handle your shipment from pickup to delivery. They are fully aware of which transportation suits you best based on your equipment, meaning you never have to think of how to transport a forklift because our team members know the most cost-effective and efficient way to do this. We also guarantee the best service by constantly emphasizing the importance of follow-ups with anyone looking to join our team. Also, if your shipment requires specialized loading, transporting, or unloading equipment, we will have it available onsite at pickup. As a result, it will be delivered in the same condition it was when you handed it to us.

Streamline The Shipping Process

At Brookwide Inc, we don’t just stop at picking up and dropping off your heavy haul equipment. We also choose the most efficient routes for equipment hauling and RV transportation service needs and work with thousands of carriers, providing the best price on the market. Moreover, our highly responsive support team will always be on call to answer all your questions and address all your concerns. When it comes to equipment shipping, automation is our goal. We can provide a quote with just a few clicks by automating the pricing method through our in-house tools. We work hard so you can have peace of mind.

Let’s Get Started

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