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Are you looking for a company that offers vehicle shipping in Guam? Brookwide Inc is one of the most qualified and reliable Guam shipping companies that transport to Guam and all other islands within Guam’s major ports. Our dedicated neighboring island fleet ensures we can provide continuous service to places like Saipan, Yap, Chuuk, Kosrae, Majuro, and many others. Our eastbound service is available from the islands directly to the West Coast, so you can rest assured that your shipment will arrive at its destination safely and on time. When you need reliable and affordable transportation service, Brookwide Inc is a clear choice.

If you need to ship your car to Guam or from Guam to the mainland USA, look no further than right here. Our in-house tools and carrier network make it simple and easy to move your vehicle from its current location to wherever you need it. Automation is our motto, as we understand how important it is to streamline the process for our customers to make it as easy as possible. And because we’re a one-stop shop, all you need to do is give us the vehicle information and addresses, and we will handle the rest; again, you can ship your car confidently, knowing that everything is handled with just one call. So whether you’re looking to ship a car to Guam or from Guam to the mainland USA, Brookwide Inc is the perfect solution. Contact us today for a free quote.

Car Shipping to Guam – How?

Assuming that you are thinking about “how to ship to Guam,” we have a few tips to keep in mind so you can have a leisurely experience. One of the biggest hassles when it comes to car shipping to Guam is that you must meet several government regulations and standards, which usually means paperwork. Working with unknowledgeable Guam shipping companies can result in you being fined a fee between $250-$1,100 if anything needs to be included or filled out correctly.

This is why we have specially trained agents for your Guam car shipping needs who solely focus on ensuring they do their due diligence for your vehicle to arrive at the final destination as safely as possible without any extra headaches or surprise charges.

The following will be handy for car shipping to Guam:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance
  • Title & Registration
  • EPA Form – 3520-21, if necessary
  • Customs 7501 Forms
  • DOT Form – HS-7
  • An Invoice or statement that shows the value of the vehicle, the car’s Vin, model, year & description of the vehicle

*If the vehicle is older than 25 years or a foreign model, you must provide a letter from the EPA stating they permit you to bring it into Guam.

Price for shipping a vehicle to Guam

If you are wondering how much to ship to Guam, then it’s essential to know multiple factors will affect the cost of vehicle shipping to Guam. A few determining factors include but are not limited to, the vehicle details, the origin of the car, and the services needed, which means that shipping from California to Guam may have a different price than shipping a car to Guam from New Jersey. The same goes for the type of vehicle; a Sedan may have a different price than a large truck. This is why we create custom quotes for all of our customers.

An estimate including one of the least expensive transport methods, the roll-on/roll-off, and from the Port of Los Angeles to the Port of Guam usually starts at $2,500. Los Angeles is the closest distance to Guam, making it one of the more affordable locations to transport from when shipping a car to Guam. When considering the costs of storage, cleaning, and Guam’s taxes and duties, the cost can range from $2,000-$7,500. Depending on where you are located, it may be more cost-efficient to ship a car from CA to Guam rather than straight to Guam from the pickup location. Our agents are known to do their homework to find the best option for you at the most affordable price.

Options for Shipping a Vehicle to Guam

Whenever you’re looking to ship a car to Guam, a couple of options are available. The most popular and affordable option is roll-on, roll-off shipping. This involves your vehicle being driven onto the ship, put in an area similar to a parking lot, secured to the deck, transported to your port of choice, and then driven off the ship. Remember that if you choose this method, your vehicle must be operable. It’s important to note that you cannot transport personal belongings inside the car.

Another option is container shipping to Guam. This is a good choice if you’d like to ship personal items in your car to Guam. Your vehicle and possessions will be held securely within an enclosed shipping container. Remember that the shippers will not be responsible for damages or missing personal items. Make sure to have any valuable personal items securely placed in the vehicle’s trunk or glove compartment. In addition, you also have the option of paying for an individual or shared container. Although, you can expect to pay more for your container than you would for a shared one. Regardless of your chosen shipping method, shipping a car from Guam to the mainland can be a seamless process.

Do you need to prepare your vehicle for shipping to Guam?

Aside from finding a reputable Guam shipping company and filling out paperwork, there are also some steps you need to take with the car itself. Before shipping your car to Guam, cleaning your car’s interior and exterior is essential. This is to prevent the possible introduction of foreign soil, which could contain invasive plants, fungi, animals, or microorganisms. A thorough steam cleaning or another detailed cleaning method should be performed to remove any foreign soil from the undercarriage of your car. You can find a suitable cleaner to help you comply with all the necessary government requirements, or your shipping company can assist you with finding one.

Additionally, to prevent mold growth, avoid washing the inside of your car – a simple vacuum or light steaming of the interior will suffice. Following these steps can help ensure smooth and successful car transport to Guam.

Extra safety tips

After thoroughly cleaning your car, it’s essential to take a few preventive measures to help ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same condition it left in. One of the best ways to do this is to photograph your car from all angles. This will give you a clear record of its condition and will make it easier to spot any new damage that may occur during shipping. Additionally, taking photos will be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim for damages sustained during Guam car shipping. By documenting the condition of your car before transporting it, you can help to protect yourself against potential problems down the road.

If your car has antennas, lower or remove them before the Guam shipping to avoid damage. Furthermore, you should also inspect your vehicle for any chips or cracks on all windows/windshields. It’s imperative to have these fixed before shipping a car to Guam.

Do yourself and the crew handling your vehicle a favor and disable your car alarm if possible. If something happens where the alarm is triggered, it could drain your car’s battery. If you cannot disconnect your alarm, just let your carrier know how they can turn the alarm off if it starts to go off.

Keep your gas tank no more than a quarter tank full. If it happens to be more than that, it’s okay; we certainly don’t encourage you to dump the extra gas but try to avoid filling up close to your shipping pickup date. Lastly, if you have copies of your keys, we recommend that you give those to your carrier handling the transport and keep the original keys to the vehicle for yourself.

Car Shipping to Guam – time to pick up

It’s time to retake possession of your precious vehicle. To seize your car, you will need proof of ownership by having: registration, title, insurance card, and photo ID. Likewise, you will also need to bring any local documentation, such as proof of insurance or your temporary permit from the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles. Paperwork will vary depending on your final destination. Additionally, if you’re shipping your car from the US to Guam, you must provide proof of car insurance and registration. You may also need a temporary import permit from the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles. For more information on car transport to Guam, please contact any of our professionals specializing in shipping cars to Guam. You can quickly and safely ship your car to Guam with proper preparation.


Upon the arrival of your vehicle, the shipping company will inspect it again for damages that may have occurred during shipment. You must be present during this inspection and take thorough notes of any damage, comparing it to the photos you took before shipping. If there are any discrepancies, be sure to have the inspector sign your notes and provide you with a copy of the inspection report. Time is of the essence in these matters, so promptly contact the company and provide them with the evidence needed to get their insurance to cover the damages. Although rare, you can only be prepared if something goes right. Moving quickly and efficiently ensures damages sustained during shipping will be handled promptly and effectively.

Brookwide Inc – Vehicle Shipping to Guam

Now that you know some of the critical factors in vehicle shipping to Guam, you can choose an auto transport company that will suit your needs. Brookwide Inc will be happy to assist you if you need help shipping your car to or from Guam. Our experts are always ready to answer any questions and provide the guidelines you need free of charge. If you want safe, easy, and affordable shipping options, speak with one of our vehicle shipping experts to Guam experts today!

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