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The expansion of businesses provides convenience to consumers all over the world. Like this, car auction transport services became the most popular, enabling buyers and sellers to place bids according to their desires. You can buy different vehicles (expensive to high-end) from online auto auctions and ship vehicles to any state using auto auction transport services. Whether selling on a popular platform or purchasing from a single-time user marketplace, choosing the right, reliable, and reputable carriers for the vehicles’ shipping is crucial. If it’s important to keep your car safe, then it’s imperative to check reviews to ensure you’re working with top-rated auto transport companies when transporting your vehicle.

Types Of Car Shipping Auction Services

  • Open Car Carrier

Open car shipping is an affordable and reasonable option, usually a standard shipping method. Whereas it’s completely secure, as the name describes, your car will be open to dust or dirt during transport. This option is best for low-value vehicles and suitable for folks who plan to fix their cars later. If you want to select this reliable carrier option, search for top-rated auto transport companies, and you should have to do insurance for your vehicle before shipping.

  • Enclosed Car Carrier

Slightly expensive, but your car’s safety and security will be on the top list. Your vehicle will be enclosed inside the container and protected during transport in this reputable carrier process. On the other hand, your car won’t be exposed to dust, dirt, or rain-like elements. It’s the safest method to transport vehicles to or from car auctions. This reputable carrier option is best for luxury, classic, and costly vehicles that require extreme attention.

  • Door-to-Door Car Carrier

Your vehicles will be picked up from the exact location and shipped to the door during this shipping process. Door-to-door reputable carrier services are the most popular transportation because they are more suitable for buyers and sellers.

How To Prepare Your Car For Transport? 

It’s necessary to properly prepare your car before shipping it to or from a car auction. Preparing a vehicle for transport will keep your vehicle secure during transportation. With that in mind, below, I’ve mentioned some useful steps you should apply to keep your vehicle safe.

  • Wash your vehicle entirely from both outside and inside.
  • Remove unnecessary items such as custom accessories.
  • Leave only about 20% of a petrol tank.
  • Take out chargers and other useful stuff.
  • Disable the alarm if it’s in your car.

How Much Do Car Auction Transport Services Cost? 

The cost of the shipping relies on different factors; below, I’ve shared some essential elements with you to keep in mind before doing shipping:

  • Length: The more your car travel, the more you’ll have to pay.
  • Model: Luxury, classic, and expensive model cars cost extra to transport compared to local and low-valued vehicles.
  • Condition: The vehicle’s condition matters; usually, inoperable cars cost additional because they need different equipment.
  • Season: The cost of shipping a car also relies on the season. If there is winter, the price will be more as it’s hard to travel vehicles during winters because of heavy snowfall and roadblocks.

Advantage Of Car Auction Transport Services

Keep your vehicle secure: Car auction transport services ensure that your car will arrive at the destination in the same condition as it has been picked up.

Multiple transportation services: There are numerous reputable transportation carriers, so you can choose the type which best suits your needs.

Affordable & Reasonable: Car auction offers different discounts to their customers. The prices are reasonable, which a good advantage is as it can save you time and money.

We have extensive experience working with auction cars and transporting them to your doorstep. Our services are efficient, fast, and timely.

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