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What you need to know about RV transport services.

Transporting heavy equipment can be overwhelming when you see all the options available. If you are searching the internet for “RV transport near me” and “RV transport cost per mile,” it’s imperative to know a few things to make the best decision. Safety is the number one priority when moving your travel trailer, camper, or RV. So what are the best practices for ensuring that your valuable transporter will be safe during this process? The first thing planners should do before shipping their vehicle cross country is find a reputable company with licensed and insured drivers who use specialized equipment as well as adhere strictly to all Department of Transportation rules & regulations.

Different options for your RV Transport Services needs

A popularly used option when it comes to transporting RVs is a Flatbed. We work with several carriers who specialize in transportation with a Flatbed. Due to its size, this choice can haul multiple RVs at a time for longer distances. For shorter distances, we suggest hot-shot RV transport. This is because hot shot flatbeds work with medium-duty trucks that use manual labor to load and unload the flatbed. They typically don’t go as long of a distance and can usually transport your RV quicker as they usually don’t have as many stops.
In addition, we also work with several RV relocation drivers who are willing to drive and transport your RV to your destination. This option is normally called “drive away service,” where we will dispatch a driver to your pickup and delivery destinations. Typically, because additional equipment and vehicles are not necessary, this is the most cost-effective option.
Lastly, another commonly used alternative is the tow-away option. As the name suggests, a tow truck will pick up and haul your RV to its destination. If your vehicle is inoperable, or you’re looking to not add needless miles and possible damage to your RV by having it on the road, we suggest using the tow away for your motorhome delivery service. This option usually needs special equipment and a specific truck to successfully do the job.

Ready for your RV Transport Services to be dispatched?

If you are ready to have your RV picked up, then there are a few steps to remember to prepare for your pickup day.
✔ Our first suggestion is to take as many pictures as possible and detailed notes of your RV on your pickup day. This is not an industry standard or requirement but a personal recommendation. We always encourage our customers to be as prepared as possible, and taking pictures and notes is the best reference point when you inspect everything on the day of your RV delivery.
✔ Remove all personal items from the inside of the RV. This includes clothes, dishes, food, and any other belongings. You don’t want anything to shift around during transport and get damaged.
✔ Make sure all cabinets and drawers are securely closed. Again, you don’t want anything shifting around and getting damaged during transport.
✔ Check all the appliances and ensure they’re turned off and properly disconnected from any power sources. Once everything is turned off, disconnect the RV from its power source (i.e., unplug it from shore power).
✔ Make sure your RV is in good repair before transporting it. This means checking things like the tires, brakes, and suspension.
✔ Get your RV weighed to know how much it will weigh when loaded onto a transport truck. This information is important for the truck driver to know. Again, a personal recommendation, but not a requirement.
✔ Choose a reputable transport company to do the job.
✔ Prepare your RV for transport by disconnecting all hoses and wires and securing loose items inside the RV.
✔ Be on time for your scheduled pickup date and be available to answer any questions the driver may have about your RV.

Precautions before your RV Transport Service

Once your RV has been loaded onto the transporter, it will be out of sight for some time. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle with your operator before it is loaded. This way, you can document any damage and be prepared for potential problems. If something does happen, be sure to report any delivery damages. Most companies want you to have a positive experience, so be kind but firm in your dealings. After all, you’ve gone through all the trouble of transporting your RV—you want it returned in one piece. Most importantly, never sign a legal document between you and the carrier (bill of lading) until you inspect your vehicle. Although rare, if you notice any issues, note it on the document, which should include your and the carrier’s signature.